About Us

SGA was established in 1986 and we are experts in development and production of analog ASIC. We realize that the key to the design of a successful component is to understand its application. Optimizing customer products is what it is all about.
We are a fab-less component manufacturer and our customers interact with us for all steps from initial component design through all phases of production.

Our focus is on analog functions but most of our components do also have some digital complexity for example as interface to microcontrollers. We mainly address industrial applications of many different kinds. We have experience from high temperature applications and we manufacture components that operate at up to +225°C. We produce Hi-Rel components and are used to Hi-Rel requirements. We also address Last Time Buy (LTB) related issues by the design of drop-in replacement components.

An ASIC is an important part of the customer application. Our mission is to provide long term production supply of the components we design.

SGA is your source both for design and production of ASIC for your analog system.


Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence