About Us

Scandinavian Technical Solutions AB (ST Solutions) was established in 2012 and is based Stockholm, Sweden. As a team we strive to develop innovative and high-performance solutions for our customers.

We are making things smart, simply by installing a box and sensors and connecting it to Internet
Scandinavian Technical Solutions AB provides an embedded software application that's run in locally anywhere, as well as backend services that run in the cloud:

- Connect, exqbe connects to any sensor or source you possible need from your equipment
- View, with exapp you get real time information from your equipment
- Analyze, using excloud services you analyze your equipment from a web browser anywhere
- Protect, with exqbe alarm your equipment are protected while it not in use

We makes it possible to move from costly reactive maintenance to proactive management of anything with a motor or engine where the cost or impact when it is not working is high.

By connecting it to exqbe, either retrofit on existing machines or as a OEM for new, information will be available, both locally and remote, to make correct decisions and actions before it breaks down.

Our first product, exqbe, an all-in-one system that is the first of its kind. With exqbe you now have the availability to monitor your entire vehicle's performance, security and location using a range of quality Sensors that can be installed on any vehicle. Originally designed to give enthusiasts the ability to monitor their early model vehicle without adding any cosmetic changes to the dashboard. Today exqbe is already so much more.

Business size

1-10 employees