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About Us

This is Nick Cabana
A bohemian contemporary spirit with full awareness of all possibilities in life. Confident, relaxed and genuine,
such is our Nick Cabana personality. On a journey through the streets of California reaching for the moment,
on a dust-filled music festival listening to your favorite band or on a boat cruising for an unknown destination –
always with a Nick Cabana watch on your wrist.

The Design
Inspired from the modern nomad we have created timeless vintage designs to fit the relaxed, experienced and
conscious personality. The unique nature of the materials used, each strap has a personality all its own that will
transform as you wear them. Our watches comes in vintage looking wood boxes. Exclusive and original for Nick Cabana.
"Nick Cabana people are laid-back, but when it comes to watches they are totally dedicated."
Founder and designer - Niclas Lij


Commercial presence