About Us

Executive Management Institute (EXMI) started in 1989 with a single Executive Program and today we have been able to develop a diverse range of management programmes offered at executive level. Behind our success is a group of highly experienced & committed executive coaches, management consultants, market researchers and business leaders.

Our training programmes at ExMI aims to inspire and develop successful business leaders of the future.
Our executive training is designed to meet the industry, market oriented & professional demands of managers & executives in leading position or on their way to leading positions who wish to acquire advance business & management skills.

We successfully develop managers in to business leaders by combining standard management theory with business practice delivered by recognized industry experts. After the training programme the candidates go through an assessment process or formal exams to get their qualifications. We have an international profile with flexible and cost-effective programs - & a high service level.

We have partnership with leading organizations and universities, and qualified management consultants from the business.
Our programmes aims to create practical career skills - in accordance with EU qualifications systems.
Education, training and consultation takes place both individually and in small groups.
The flexibility to adapt our training programs enhance the participants experience & skill level.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence