About Us

Cypoint - a specialist company

Cypoint is a leading Swedish specialist consultant company offering consulting services and solutions for:

-Information Management
-Product Information Management
-Mobile solutions
-Infrastructure and Systems Integration
-Outsourcing, IT operation and IT support

Cypoint delivers IT services, functions and solutions that provide direct business benefits such as increased revenue and efficiency. This enables our clients to focus much more on their core business operations.

Our solutions help to create simplified and revenue-generating business processes. Our consulting and outsourcing services work to streamline our customers' IT activities. Our main competitive strengths are specialization and an efficient, customer-oriented delivery model.

Our vision is to work with dedicated and talented employees to build an excellent IT company that are successful and has a great reputation among employees, customers and colleagues. We shall be a better, more fun and more exciting alternative than bigger competitors. We want to make things better. We want to challenge.