About Us

Compotech enables OEMs to develop and manufacture world leading products in a wide variety of fields, ranging from heating and ventilation to medical instruments, using our extensive knowledge on electric motors, switch technology and magnetics.

Compotech is a supplier of components and subsystems to OEMs. Our three sales departments, Drives, Components, and Magnetic components, are well established on the Nordic market. Together with our fourth area of expertise, system solutions, we widen our offer to include such things as an Asian based sourcing team and our ability to be a part of your product development from idea to prototype to full scale production chain.

For over twenty five years we've accepted the toughest challenges the Nordic manufacturing industry have to offer. Whether it is to deliver components directly from our warehouse or to be part of the development process, we've invested our future in always delivering more than the expected.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence